BIGO Design

Started as ¡ME GUSTA! Design Studio, we were four classmates in the second and half year of college seeking a little more action. Without fully understanding what it meant to open a company, we started our endeavor in search of our largest portfolio.

Although we loved our first name, we were forced to abandon it. For the sake of the mustache and the Mexican theme, we chose the name of “bigode sign”, a phonetic joke with the word mustache and sign.

Encouraged by a creative and very personal investment space, we always strive to deliver the best. Here we experienced “Over Delivery” even without having any idea what it was.

Our desire was to be the best at what we did. During the 6 years, we look for the best work environment, the best structure and the best team. In the last few years, we have reached 13 people dreaming at the same time, something difficult to imagine for a regional design office.

Despite the great involvement in the financial part of the company, I was always on codes. At the helm of the development team, I learned to program, lead, and be led. Here I have turned co-workers into true friends who are with me to this day.

After more than 6 years of road, I made the decision to follow in a new project (Manto) in search of new experiences, challenges, and fun!

Thank you to all who once were part of this team.

Raphael Sardinha, Paulo Henrique Neto & Ana Yamaguti, Ariel Alvares, Bruno Souza, Carolina Moura, Conrado Souza, Daniel Lourenço, Filipe Tavares, Gustavo Henrique, Jorge Silva, João Gratão, Junior Gracchia, Luiz Henrique, Marco Bauer, Maycol Douglas, Murilo Pimenta, Patricia Lemos, Rafael Sarmento , Rodolfo Brasil, Ruan Magalhães, Guilherme Messias and Valdeir Junior.

It would also be unfair not to mention our great supporter, friend, and mentor, Flávio Del Lima.

PS: If you fell in this post looking for a designer, BIGO still consists of its founder Raphael, an exceptional designer with extraordinary talent. Get in touch with him!