I’m an entrepreneur who loves solving problems.
I love action, but I hate repeating myself. Maybe that’s why I love programming and technology. At this moment I’m working at @partnerprogrammer with some HTML, CSS, javascript, and WordPress.

My background was made up of experiences and studies. Like the experiments, the studies never stop. Despite the self-taught characteristics, I believe that with a team I will go far away.

I’m a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from the Universidade Federal de Goiás. The multidisciplinarity of the design course opened my mind to look at various possibilities at the same time. During the course, I was part of the Academic Center in which leadership skills, group work, and proactivity were developed.

With the practical profile, my passion is to solve problems. Along with two partners, I started my curriculum by opening my first business (BIGO Design) still in my second year of college. For 6 years I worked for a better performance in technology and management (We were 13 guys). At the end of 2015, we started Manto, a company of Christian T-shirts. In Manto, I approached industry and commerce, a very important factor in my commercial growth.

During the last few years, I have taken courses such as;

  • A lot of things about technology and programming
  • Customer Service (Sebrae)
  • Effective Communications and Human Relations Skills (Dale Carnegie)
  • Leadership Training for Managers (Dale Carnegie)

I’m a Brazilian living in San Diego, California.